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Siddur Tefilat Shemuel-Hebrew-English

Siddur Tefilat Shemuel-Hebrew-English

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​The Benmergui edition siddur was completed in 2015 and is still the most comprehensive Moroccan Sephardic siddur on the market, inclusive of various traditions throughout Morocco as it caters to both the French and Spanish-speaking communities.

The features of this edition include:
  •  A unique Hebrew and English prayer text in mirror format (i.e., on a two-page spread, the Hebrew prayer is on the right side and its corresponding translation in English is on the left side)
  • An English commentary for deeper insights into our prayers and customs runs on the bottom quarter of the page
  • Scriptural sources in Hebrew and English lined on the margins of each page
  •  Our special Moroccan customs are explained, compared, and sourced to their geographical origins
  • Sections of laws and customs are interspersed to precede the associate prayer before its first appearance
  • Extensive English instructions and footnotes, including visual cue instructions interspliced within the text
  • Language and pronunciation guides, and cantillation marks for all biblical verses
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