About Ofek

Hi, I'm Ofek. I started this store to build myself a strong future in a space I am passionate about. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, a disorder that affects my speech, movement, and muscle tone. I spent the first few years of my life where I was born, Israel, and at the age of 4 moved to Canada with my family for treatments. With the help of many and an amazing community (Kol Torah in Thornhill, Ontario), I have become closer to religion throughout the years.

I've always enjoyed elegant things as well as Judaica and Seforim. I hope you enjoy some good high end Judaica as much as i do. Follow me on my journey and expect to see items you didn't know were available on this side of the world.

Getting a job as a disabled person is hard enough so imagine being disabled and a religious having to take off for medical and religious reasons, the employers won't keep you for so long. Most companies aren't even interested in hiring people with disabilities so after a few short months I realized entrepreneurship was my only option.  Many people in the community have also suggested to me to be self employed which I considered for a while. So here I am giving it my best shot with Ofek's Judaica. I will do what it takes to make my customers happy. 

Ofek's Judaica will not be your regular Judaica store, oh no! We will be focusing on high end upper class Judaica as well as customized Judaica. we want to make Judaism fancy (and more fun, of course)!!!!

My inbox is open at any time to help you find what you need and to answer any questions, reach me at ofeksjudaica@gmail.com