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Siddur Tefilat Shemuel- Hebrew with English Instructions

Siddur Tefilat Shemuel- Hebrew with English Instructions

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This edition of Siddur Tefillat Shemuel builds on the world's first bilingual Hebrew/English Moroccan Sephardic siddur, Siddur Tefillat Shemuel - Benmergui Edition.

Like its predecessor, the Serruya edition also contains weekday and Shabbat prayers and features a running commentary, inline instructions, and prayer laws in English. The English translation of the prayers, however, has been removed.

New to this edition are many standard prayers found in most siddurim, including:

  • Sefer Tehillim
  • Pirké Avot
  • Amidah for Shalosh Regalim (all four prayer services)
  • Life-Cycle event prayers, e.g., Berit Milah, Pidyon HaBen
  • Prayers and blessings at specific times or for unique occasions, e.g., Parashat HaMan, Birkat HaElanot
  • Prayer requests for good health, pregnancy and birth, success and parnassah, finding your spouse
  • Special blessings for sights and sounds or for mitzvot, such as separating challah or dipping in the mikveh

Inclusive of both French and Spanish Moroccan customs.

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