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Eight Special Nights

Eight Special Nights

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Twelve boys and their rebbi hide in a cave, learning Torah with great sacrifice.

Will the Greeks find them? Who rallies the Maccabim and how? What is the secret of kiddush ha-chodesh? How will the Beis HaMikdash be restored?


Relive the battle against the Greeks and the miracles of Chanukah with Naftali and his friends. Join a courageous group of children who are determined to keep the flame of Torah burning, against all odds!

Author Rabbi Yaakov Meir Straussbrings to life the days of the Second Temple with an exciting story, fully annotated, with maps, diagrams, and charming illustrations. Eight Special Lights awakens a yearning for our Beis HaMikdash.

May such yearning bring about our Redemption, speedily in our days.

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